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​So here we go. In no particular order.

3 Any fin is possible if you don't trout yourself!

4 let's have fish...just for the halibut

5 there must be more people who want to add to this thread come on, don't be koi

6 This is seriously the best site ever! Not even squidding!

7 The jellyfish have no structure in their lives, make no bones about it.

8 These puns are Cod awful
but I'm laughing so hard that I might pull a mussel. Oh my Cod, I'm on a shoal here.

9 Come on guys you're just krilling it now!

10 Cod that was bad. Eely bad.

11 I'll put a few squid on the table

12 this is sardinely* the thread of the day

13 We, the jury, find the defendant gillty of terrible fish puns!

14 Stop carping on about fish you are  giving me a haddock

15 do it! You may never get a better oppor-tuna-ty

16 you're right. a bit much.
I'm going to have a perch to relax.

17 Anyone would think you were posting just for the halibut

18 There's been loads of newt users recently

19 I think they'll be coming at this from a different angler

20 Get trout!

21 Don't like it? move on.
on your pike, mate.

​22 The teenage fish had his shell-phone taken away from his during class.

23 The fish had to live at the bottom of the ocean because they dropped out of school.

24The little fish was given detention in school for being too shellfish.

25 There’s an angler watching over me.

26 Trolling motors: engage!

27 I’ve been dying to trout my new printer.

28 Water you thinking about?

29 I seem to have a creek in my neck.

30 He took the bait!

31 She really tugs on my fly.

32 I’d like to tackle that box.

33 Between the two, I’d say his speech out-bored me.

34 I’m glad to see you’re onboard.

35 She’s just a stream of emotions.

36 My barracuda’s in the shop, having the seals replaced. My stingray, too.

37 That place is a real dive.

38 I need to see man a-boat a dogfish.

39 Gil’s the name.

40 To raise some money for a new motor pike, the fish had to prawn all his belongings.

41 That fish graduated med school and went on to become a sturgeon.

42 The standout musician in the fish band was the bass player.

43 My dad quit his jib at the diner because he had bigger fish to fry.

44 Did you know that fish are really easy to weigh because they have their own scales?

45 The best fish employee at the balloon factory was the blow-fish.

​46 I didn’t do it on porpoise!

47 Don’t give me that line.

48 I don’t quite sea it.

49 He’s just fishing for compliments.

50 She’s angling for a raise.

51 I’m fin to get busy.

52 Well you’re a little lake to be starting now.

53 You just got schooled!

54 I can’t even tuna piano -__-

55 Tarn it!

56 Look out, he’s a card shark.

57 I wrote a really biting review.

58 Our property has been stream-lined.

59 You really hooked them in!

60 carp thread

61 I fear this thread will end up haunting tonight's breams

62 maybe it's time we fin-ished it thenthis thread offishally sucks. Ya it's Pretty crappie

63 Did you hear about the British man arrested for being a cannibal? His favorite meal was fish-n-chaps.

64 The man stranded on the island discovered something to start catching fish, it was definitely a net-gain.

65 Staring at my fish-bowl is certainly up my alley.

66 Those shy fish were also very koi.

67 The only way the school of fish could keep up on happenings in the ocean was to listen to the current news.

68 My grandmother makes a ton of fish-eye soup because it can see her through the week.

69 The chef in that extremely busy seafood restaurant had a lox on his plate.

70 The school play on fishing was a huge hit because it had quite and amazing cast.

71 That illiterate fisherman left weeks ago and was lost at c.

72 All sick fish in the school are told to go see the sturgeon.

73 Did you hear about the guy who ate fried fish for a full year? His stomach took a real bettering.

74 My sister will not eat sushi because she says it looks too fishy.

75 The musician stayed out fishing at sea for three days hoping he would catch a bass-oon.

76 There was an advertisement in the paper that the local fish market was selling the catch of the day.

77 When my mother ate too many plates of fish eggs before dinner she developed a caviar attitude towards appetizers.

78 That fisherman will never make it as a boxer because all he can throw is hooks.

79 That big mouth bass got caught by the fisherman and is now in a real boatload of trouble.

80 If one person is fishing they can keep their line clear, it takes two to tangle.

81 To achieve an economy of scale all you need to do is to use fish for currency.

82 The attorney who likes to go fishing is considered to be an attorney-at-lure.

83 Once that huge fish got caught on the line, the jig was up.

84 When a fisherman gets into an argument with another fisherman it is usually about de-bait.

85 The very first fish to gather in schools were called the groupers.

86 According to fish history, the end of that fishing hook is the point of no return.

87 The mother fish missed an important telephone call because she was stuck on the other line.

88 That finicky fisherman actually hated eating fish, but he never told a sole.

89 Never date a fisherman, all they like to do is string you along.

90 That eager fisherman brought a huge container on his fishing trip and was determined to fillet.

91 Most fish will tell you that they like their food cold and their bait a little worm.

92 They kicked the compulsive fisherman out of the casino because he was hooked on playing those games.

93 The fish who became a private investigator suspected everyone because he thought they all smelled fishy.

94 I don't know the outlook is pretty bleak.

95 The comedy in here is turbot charged

96 I've haddock enough of this.

97 I hope Bamos' injury isn't too bad
It'd be a shame if he had to miss the start of next season by going under the sturgeon's knife...

98 all i sea are bass-ically awful puns

99 I bait this won't go on much longer

100 I dunno, I'm hooked.

101 Yeah Its already floundering



Okay we went way over

​102 The patient elderly man waded with his pole in hand and baited breath.

103 The sheep who got a job at the seafood restaurant was considered to be the battering ram.

104 The fisherman had to close his business because he couldn’t live off the net-income.

105 Johnny was the top fish in his school and the leader of the de-bait team.

106 The school music teacher said that if you want to know how to tuna fish, simply adjust their scales.

107 The successful fisherman told his friends that the secret to his success was he poured his heart and sole into his work.

108 The reason so many people are getting involved with sports fishing this year is because they get hooked.

109 All of those women that you see on the fishing boat really have allure.

110 They mistakenly canceled this fishing season due to red tape that eventually turned out to be a red herring.

111 When there is a smart fish in the school, he usually can spawn good ideas.

112 If you want to communicate with a fish you haven’ seen in ages, simply drop them a line.

113 A fish who doesn’t believe in war is considered to be a pacifisht.

114 Those two fish who got in a relationship appeared to be swimming along nicely.

115 Even though she just broke up with her shark boyfriend, she knew there were plenty of fish in the sea.

116 No wonder Barry never gets a date, he is always fishing for compliments.

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Your Comments:
[B Glovetsky]
 You're just being Koi with us. Stop carping about it.

[B Glovetsky]
 I don't want to see any more of these crappie posts.

[R Goertzen]
Create your own fish pun, don’t leave it up to salmon else....
Even I cod do batter...

[C O'Donnell]
He did one about vegetables, but it wasn't as good.

[W Thompson]

Stop, your giving me a haddock.

[J Black]
 hang on walleye think about it....

[ Goertzen]
 And to think I had my trouts that this was possible

[R Goertzen]
 Well I think I’ve haddock, I’m gonna pour a little shot of burbot and sit on my perch

[J James]
 Well I lobster, and never flounder.

[C Watson]
 Darn! I fell for this hook, line and sinker!

[R Goertzen]
 You’re getting reel snapper there now and putting a reel spin on this. Giving the fishing industry a plug

[Kimberly T]
 and  This was a real eel snaper
[R Goertzen]
 I flounder why

[W Thompson]
 I think Ill ‘tile’ my fish tank,ok Ill clam up.Im going to shoot a little snooker.

[W Fickett]

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101 Fishing Puns

We through out a line amongst friends and online. To catch the very punniest of puns.

If you have a Fishing pun that you think should be on our list please let us know.

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