Reddington Pass by the Numbers (Miles 5-7): Shooting Ranges

North of Reddington Road

North of Reddington Road

Heading east on Reddington Road, you hit a series of tight switchbacks just past the Upper Tanque Verde Falls trail head.  There are no significant trails on this section of the road.  To the south the terrain drops off steeply as you climb to the first pass, while to the north a gentle valley flows west onto private land.  Beyond the ridge to the north are the remote eastern slopes of the Catalina Mountains.  The Arizona Trail and several 4WD trails wind their way into the Catalinas beyond the ridge but these cross Reddington Road further to the east.

Typical pull out

One of several pull offs along the switchbacks

There are several parking pull outs and you may see the occasional car camper, but access to the favored recreation areas and exposure to the sun and weather limit use of this section of the pass.  Most of the pull outs are littered with debris and broken glass despite the best efforts of volunteers.

The terrain levels out just before the 6 mile marker and the road enters a large bowl that marks the top of the western slope of the pass.  Several drainages in this area have become unofficial shooting ranges.  As you can imagine, these ranges are somewhat controversial.  I’m not going to get drawn into the arguments in this post, but I will say that it is legal to shoot here and the Forest Service has so far resisted calls to end the practice.  The Tucson Rod and Gun Club is trying to obtain permission and funds to build an official range in the area.  If this is important to you then you may want to check out their site and sign the petition found at most of the local gun stores.

Shooting area 1 (north of road)

Shooting area 1 (north of road)

In the mean time, the greatest threat to shooting in Reddington Pass is the shooters themselves.  I spoke with one of the rangers earlier this year.  He made it clear that the Forest Service supports the ranges, but unsafe handling of firearms and the trash left by shooters could force them to prohibit the practice.

If you value your privilege to shoot in Reddington Pass please follow these guidelines:

  • Never point a weapon towards the road (even if it is unloaded)
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until the weapon is pointed downrange (I saw someone shoot through the bed of his truck.  What an idiot.)
  • Bring your own targets (paper, plastic, wood or metal only) and take them with you when you leave
  • Never shoot over the terrain
  • Do not shoot glass
  • Shooting area 2 (south of road)

    Shooting area 2 (south of road)

    Do not bring appliances, computers, tires or other trash.  These are not acceptable targets and tend to get left behind

  • Pick up your expended brass and shells
  • Clean up some of the trash when you are done.  Volunteers spent several days cleaning the ranges earlier this year and if they get junked up again the Forest Service may shut them down.  I bring a rake, shovel, and trash bag when I go so I can clean up leftover brass.
  • Use common sense and courtesy
Shooting area 3 (north of road)

Shooting area 3 (north of road)

This is a fantastic gunnery range and as long as shooters are responsible there is no reason we should lose our shooting privileges.

Welcome to off-road country!

Welcome to off-road country!

Just beyond the shooting area, the terrain drops off steeply to the south and the road descends into a wide expanse of rolling hills and washes.  This is prime country for horses, mountain bikes, and off-road vehicles, and will be the subject of the next article in this series.

Caravans are highly recommended!

Caravans are highly recommended!

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  1. Frank D. says:

    Today is Nov 18th 2016, thought I’d give a bit of an update here..
    Redington Pass is fully drivable.. all 25 miles. high clearance vehicles will help 🙂

    they closed down the shooting range between 5 and 7 .. because folks left a mess .. they cleaned it up. and I THINK it is opening up again .. if not open already .. Will be doing my 1st overnight camping trip with the family on Redington Pass tomorow night. so will let you know how that goes 🙂

  2. Aria says:

    How far is the shooting range from the pools and falls?

    • Desert Dog says:

      The shooting ranges are at the 6 mile point and the falls are at the 4 mile point, so two miles more or less plus the hike.

  3. Dan says:

    Can I have a safe regulate bond fire in this area of the park? If not were would an appropriate area for me to set up a bind fire. Thank you for your time.

  4. Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini says:

    This fine article is dated 2009. What’s the situation for target shooting now? (August 22nd 2011)? Thanks for providing some information.

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