The summer heat has broken and the leaves are turning.

Warm days and cool nights precede the Harvest Moon.

Something is in the air.  Autumn.  As far back as I can remember, September has brought a stirring to my blood.  A need to move, to travel.  The wanderlust.

Even Saja feels it.  She is in and out all day.  Anxious to leave the yard, to roam, to go where ever our feet may take us.

This year, September was not kind.  There was much to do.  Things new and things postponed conspired to chain me to the hearth.  Yet, now October is here with the Harvest Moon, and the pull grows stronger.  Soon I must go, commitments or not, for the mountains wait and the wild things call.

We took our walk under the moon today, her bright light filtered through mackerel skies, and crossed paths with a javelina foraging for prickly pear and pomegranates in the wash.  My presence banished it into a stand of trees, but not before it stopped to calculate the odds and stomped in a halfhearted attempt to drive us off.  It was alone and in no mood for conflict.  We passed safely, but the encounter wound another strand on the cord that is tugging at my soul.

The mountains wait and the wild things call.

Soon I must answer them.

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