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Hello, everyone, I’m Saja and as you can see I’m a dog.  The man says I’m an Australian Cattle Dog and Chow mix (whatever that means).  All I know is that I live for the outdoors and I love the mountains.  Sure it gets hot and I get the occasional thorn in my paw, but this place is great.  Especially when the water is flowing!  If you see me on the trails, don’t worry.  I’m as friendly as they come, although I probably will jump on you so you can get a better look at me!  I’ll be helping the man with this site.  My job is to get him out of the house, look good in the pictures, and write some of the articles.  I’ll leave the gear reviews to him since I don’t really use that stuff anyway.



I’m the guy that Saja refers to as the man.  I think my primary purpose around here is to provide her food & transportation.  I’m a newcomer to the desert, having lived in Tucson for five years now.  But after 12 moves in 24 years with the Air Force, I’m as much at home here as anywhere. I’ve always been an avid camper and backpacker, so that will be the primary focus of this site.

My other passion is real estate.  I have a Real Estate Investment company here in Tucson and I’m also a Realtor, so you may see some real estate content and links here as well (mostly links).  If you want to talk Real Estate then feel free to drop me a line.

You can also check out my Real Estate Investing site at www.TucsonREInvestor.com.

Enjoy yourself and let me know if there is anything you want to see covered.

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