What is the best rod and real combo for Bass fishing?

No Bobby Wrong Stik!

So what is your favorite rod and reel combo for Bass? Tell us all about it in the comments box below. If I don't think your totally crazy I might even publish it.

I might just be a little bias on this one. I have been using the same rod and reel for about 15 years. The only thing I have done for maintenance in all that time is change the line once! And this baby has gotten some use. (not as much as I wish)

I have used this combo for catching everything from 6" brookies to a 3 lb. smallmouth bass (my personal best). Not to diss largemouth bass fishing which I enjoy very much but a smallmouth will put up a better fight that a largemouth twice its size.

​So what do I use?  The Ugly Stik from Shakespeare. This has been 

so dependable for me and durable!

The only time I have had any issues with this system was when

I used it trolling one day and twisted my line so bad that I had to

replace it. But even then I managed to cut off the twisted portion 

and continue fishing. It still cast quite well.